Summer Art Camp


June 18 - August 25

9:00am - 3:00pm


4 to 10 years old$385 per child

Kids are constantly striving to express their independence in a world full of rules.

This week your child’s confidence will be fueled by giving them the freedom to create their own dream habitat. They will be taking the “living room fort” to a whole new level!

Sculpture and texture is all around us. Your little artist started very early logging visual shapes and textures by putting everything in their mouth.

Throughout this week your child will continue their exploration by being encouraged to observe their daily surroundings. They will collect inspiration from organic shapes and textures in nature to the modern lines in architecture. They will then create their own masterpieces using mixed media both large and small.

Grab your art passports because we’ll be traveling to different parts of the world!

Through art creativity and imagination, this week children will learn about other countries, how they live, what children in other countries do different from them and about the art and culture that make each country so unique and special.

Let’s nurture children’s natural desire to explore the world through their sense of touch.

In this week’s camp children will have the freedom to engage and find joy in the texture, form and structure of simple and natural materials.

Children thrive in the imaginary world where anything is possible and they have all the power.

In this camp children will create a magical world where fairies fly, knights do battle with pirates and princesses slay the dragon. So join us for a magical week of art creations and costuming projects inspired by your child’s wildest dreams, favorite fairy tales and fantastic superheroes.

Calling all Stargazers, Astronauts and Aliens, let’s blast off for a week of art exploration that is out of this world!

From telescopes to zooming rocket ships, this week your children will explore the final frontier through mix media pieces. Paintings and art created using force, motion and color to express what space looks like to them. All while learning how truly special our planet Earth is and an understanding of how important it is to take care of our home.

3 to 5 years old$200 per child

We welcome your little artist ages 3-5 to come explore the world of process art. This week is a great way to get your child ready for their first day of preschool or back into the groove after summer break. They will experiment with color, shapes, and texture with all types of mediums. This week is designed to ignite their creativity and build their confidence in a group of peers.

Your child must be potty trained to attend.

Summer Camp

* Space is limited, please pre-register to ensure your child’s spot.