We teach life skills through art by helping children develop their creativity and better sense of self and the world around them.

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Classes are held once a week after school for children ages 4-12. Each session runs 6-10 weeks and is coordinated with local school schedules. Your children will explore their creativity through the Pachis curriculum that focuses on four different aspects of artistic discovery. At the end of each session, your children will have the opportunity to showcase their work at an evening art opening at the Pachis studio.

Children explore their personality, interests, needs and dreams through art projects.
Children learn the importance of living and being part of a safe, clean and beautiful community.
Children learn about different world cultures to better under-stand and appreciate the unique-ness of others.
Children develop appreciation of art through the making and explo-ration of art history, movements and techniques.


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Birthday Parties and Private Groups

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We love to customize and tailor-make unique birthday parties for children.

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About Pachis

Pachis means “flowers” in the art language that Juliana Flores, the artist and creator of this innovative project, created when she first discovered texture and color as a young child gardening with her mother.

As an adult Juliana has channeled her passion for art by creating Pachis: a program that uses art as a medium for children to develop a greater sense of self and the world around them.

Pachis is not a typical art studio for children, and does not offer typical art classes. Pachis is founded on the belief that children are born inherently creative and can discover themselves through artistic expression. By providing a structured curriculum in an open environment the child artist can feel safe to express themselves. Juliana and the Pachis team establishes rules and expectations with the students to form their “creativity spaces.”

Pachis encourages children to think outside the “art box” and introduces them to new ways to make and experience art. The program encourages self-expression, builds self-esteem, and cultivates outstanding, creative individuals. Art is an excellent medium to nurture values into new generations with the purpose of becoming better citizens and therefore creating healthier societies.

The seeds that Juliana put into Pachis to grow are: passion, dedication, innovation, patience and a commitment to children, parents and the community.


What People Are Saying


I asked Anna if her party was as fun as she hoped it would be and she said, "No, Mommy- it was even BETTER than I thought it would be." :-)

Natalie C.

Pachis is a great art studio for kids. My kids (8 & 10) felt like the time went too fast! They did not want to leave! Juliana offers more than just art projects, but education about the world around us. She truly cares about kids. Her studio is clean, kid-friendly, and ready for fun! If you are looking for a fun space to let your kids learn something new, or to just have fun, go see what is happening at the studio today!

Julie K.

I can't say enough about Pachis. My kids have been coming here for months and every week they learn something new and come home with an amazing project. One of the things I love the best is that Juliana doesn't just sit them down have them make something. They actually LEARN about a subject (ie. architecture, a specific artist, etc) and draw their inspiration from that. I also love that she does art from recycled and non-traditional materials. My kids' creativity has been developed so much from her classes! If you are looking for art classes for your kids, this is the place to go.

Tiffany O.

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We are located in the same building as Solare Ristorante Italiano, which is located at the corner of Roosevelt Rd. and Historic Decateur. Once you enter this building, we are on the first floor, directly across the hall from the restaurant.

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